It's Not Fair to Make a Hungry Man Jump

by Aerial Stereo

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Aerial Stereo is Robert Cifuentes, Madison René Knapp, Tara Touzie and Andy Warren.
All Songs Written by Aerial Stereo. Michael Vincze and Tommy Rocco Licari contributed greatly.

Produced by Aerial Stereo
Mixed and Engineered by Tiger/Panther
Assistant Engineers Alex Arias and Michael Vincze
Recorded at Houshang Studios
Artwork by Aerial Stereo

Special Thanks to: The CollectiveCA, Shohreh Agdashloo, Houshang Touzie, Zach Pogemiller, Tommy Licari, Matt Sokoler, Alex Arias, Matthew Di Panni, Spencer Trent Gongwer, John Paul Sweeney, Danny + Deb + Ben + Marc + Melinda Warren, Matt Luker, Kaitlyn Bentley, Zac Cassar, Ryan Hemar, Ricky Green, The Safehouse, Jake + Ron + Rhonda Knapp, Sue King & Thomás Cifuentes, Kevin Nelson.


released July 20, 2010

Much Love



all rights reserved


Aerial Stereo Los Angeles

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Track Name: IN YOUR HOLE
"In Your Hole"

Woman you dare steal a piece of my time
Of my time
In your hole
In your soul
Woman you keep my body comin
Woman you make my warmth soar away
Woman you don't know right
As you dance I can smell your lovin' penetrating my senses, yea

You can try blowing my brains away
But I've been loved before
I cant hide from your glare
I've been blinded by your light
You left me up in here to dry up and die
There'll be nothing left of you when you're mine
"Nowhere but Here and There"

You handed her a lighter
and she said
"Babe, I'm already fire."
She cut right thru the oxygen
Lit you up, put you out again.
Roll around and erase the sound,
A furnace of love and obsession
Oh, but every flame must dim...

"Nowhere but here and there," she said.

Are you the hunter
gathering around her,
Only to be frozen,
Blew a rose in her teeth?
Are you the drummer, drummer,
pounding inside her?
She give birth to a rhythm....

Hysterical heat!
Oh nowhere is nice, nowhere is nice,
but how do we get to nowhere?

"Nowhere but here and there," she said.
Track Name: NEW FACE
Can you hear it?
Can you hear it?
Can you hear it?
When I say:
Na na na na... You look like...
Oh say you gotta new
gotta new degradation
Take your needle ...
and your ego inflation
and cut it off!
... cut it off!
Oh, give up
your stories
finitumly boring,
garishly gory.
Oh give it up!
And I, I say you do,
I say you need a new ... face you do!
You need a new ... face!
You need a new ... face!
Track Name: HUNGRY MAN
Found myself a pretty girl to settle down- that's what I want.
I'm Finding out who I am with someone else
Know that kissing hand has slapped you around
Bested by her loyalty shroud
Find myself in your bedroom
no towels in the bathroom
You're killing me; f*cked us by long love,
stand by me here

Look inside the porter's mouth an' find me a dime
Giving up the fortune without a clue of the time
but I forgot where you lie.
Bested by a seeing eye dog,
found myself in your bedroom
no towels in the bathroom
You're killing me; frightens tonight's
Long love, stand by me here.

Love here all the time
watch I'll come from behind
Love's corrupted my will
from behind, inside,
you fortify the pictures I make
hopefully by and by.

Better Run so we can play at night
You better run so we can play at night
Inside Inside Inside Inside Inside Inside

Find myself at your door
Creeping in for more,
more and more and more
Finally, silently,
frightened by the fountain of youth,
some won't make paradise.
Can you see
the sunshine catching
in your sticky
Where ya touch me
I am golden
there's a glittering
that lingers.

I've got handfuls
of sensory gems and
they sparkle when
I sing to them...

Overtures of
passion catching
in your sticky
sweeter than the
sweetest flower
is the unbound nectar

and out again
in and out again, in
and out again.

All the honey, all the honey, all the honey, all the honey...
"Lord I've been Driving"

No time for your madness cause I've been yearning;
turned by your seasons .
Lord knows I've been driving, straight towards the cliffside.
God say you love me till we die. Blinded by you, no goodbyes.
Track Name: SAD SHIPS
"Sad Ships"

Sometimes I smile but not often
Sometimes I'm smart more like never
Shoreline to shoreline is blue oh big and blue
In the night of gales you, weeping admiral, can overboard
Upset you and salute...
By yonder maiden sea
I lost my love in a hurricane
and it always tears me sails away,
Sail away.
Hi, ho
Get your act together
I collect a telescope to find dry land,
dry land where there is none.
on and on it goes...

And it was good
"Speaker in the Sky"

An earth of sufferers
Bleeding emotions
Older everyday--
and when you paralyze
your leaden heart
becomes an anvil
dropping overhead.

Talks of radiation,
bleak anticipations.
How many more
can we compromise?

Knowing every worried mind
is reaching for the Speaker in the Sky.

Listen, listen.

All, all alone,
seeds unsewn gather up
together gather up you
know you're part of one another
travelling forever, forever...

On oceans of sight,
wavelenghts of light,
the future beckons
from inside--
where you gonna run to?
How you gonna outrun time?

Listen, listen.
Unison, unison.
Track Name: WHO?

Darlin' it's wrong,
Subside it now
Lay this heart
to the ground
Lay on your side.
Could it be
Simple times?
Say you love me,
Very calm
get it right
don't get
Power hungry
Oh, I believe in
falling all the time.
Ah anger every night
I let you down.


We blend on it
Laugh out
Your throat
save your gratitude
claim all your nonsense
Play like synergists
without complaint.
Behold, the mirror divides you
It's waiting upstairs for you.


Oh I won't (obey)
Oh I won't (okay)
go, go along
go, go along
no I won't
I'm hurt I'm fine (I'm hurt/I'm fine)
I'm hurt I'm fine (I'm hurt/I'm fine)
Cry, cry, cry, cry
War on your heart!
War on your heart!
War on your heart!
War on your heart!
Oh whoa,
Hold it up now now now
Hold it up now now now...